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Hibiscus & Lavender Exfoliating Bath Salt

Hibiscus & Lavender Exfoliating Bath Salt

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Get ready for smooth, radiant skin with our Hibiscus & Lavender Exfoliating Bath Salt! Made with natural ingredients, this body exfoliator repairs dry, flaky skin and reduces inflammation while minimizing pores. Rehydrate your skin and reveal its natural glow. Transform your bath time routine today!

Ingredients: Organic herbal infusion, Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt, dried hibiscus florals, dried lavender florals, rose florals and natural essential oils. 

How to use: Using a scooper apply a tablespoon of bath salt to your bath water. Also gently massage a penny size amount onto your wet skin. Use 1-3 times per week to rid dead skin and moisturize the outer layer of skin.

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